Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok I’m currently somewhere over South Carolina and I’ve realized
how great it is to have good headphones. A while ago I went on a
search for a good pair and everyone told me to buy this brand
Earcandy. Now with the brand’s hip grafitti packaging and lingo, I
was hesitant to buy them but man I’m happy i did and this leads me
to now. I love flying but something always worries me: babies. I’m
not a fan of babies, not whatsoever. Currently one of these
creatures is sitting to my right attempting to scale the great
mountain that is the seat In front of it (no idea the gender of this
monster). So what is I assume the mother allows this kid to climb
and then throws a blanket on him. Come on lady!! You’re going to
make that baby explode! But you know what, with little speakers in
my ear canals I can’t hear a sound. I’m merely an observer of this
ongoing struggle beside me. Man, babies.

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