Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've just figured out that I have absolutely no idea how to iron. Honestly, I thought it was just heating up something and running it across fabric. That is what it entails right? Ya know, I once told a girl who was complaining about not having a hair straightener that she should just warm up two bricks and run her hair between them. Same idea right? I mean, it seems like it to me. Anyway, I digress, seeing as I'm running out of clothing for my job i figured I would iron the clothing that I've left wrinkled for the past two weeks. So, in my ever macho mindset, I grabbed the iron and immediately began running the metal up and down my clothing. So what was the effect? Well, I now have flat, wrinkled clothing; and I'm utterly baffled. I think I spent twenty minutes heating up my clothing for no reason. Congratulation, hot triangular piece of metal: you've beaten me tonight.

- Desmond

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