Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Juicy Asses

Excited about that title? Don't be. Unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with J-Lo, Beyonce, Jessica Biel or Shakira. I'm sure everyone has seen it; the old/fat/shapely woman with the sweatpants on that have the words "Sexy", "Juicy", "Bootylicious", or some other word that obviously does not describe your wrinkly, fat-pocketed ass.

I really don't even feel comfortable reading words off of hot girls asses, let alone having to physically walk from one side of you to the other in order to read the 4 letter word that has somehow managed to completely wrap itself around your derrière. It is in my opinion that there should be both an age AND weight limit on this type of clothing, which includes more than just the pants. For example, a woman in her mid to late 60's came in to my place of employment earlier this week wearing a bright yellow spaghetti-strap shirt (no bra.......) with the word "SEXY" bedazzled into it. Did you just gag? I thought so.

Obama, get on it.

- Dr. Jones

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