Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Petpeeve Time Again

Here's two things that really bake my onion. I don't know if that's a saying or not but they fucking piss me off is what I'm getting at. No need for namby pamby word fodder here I'm going to get right to it.
Let's set a scenario: I'm anywhere, ANYFUCKINGWHERE, and its quiet. So, I decide to break the silence and play some music from my phone or computer when susie-mcfucking-sings-a-lot decides that's her favorite song ever, regardless of if she's ever heard it before, and starts harmonizing and humming along. HHMM hhmm HHMMM YEAH YEAH OOHH LA! Listen, Susie, I put this band on to hear them; not your fucking squawk box that you've so graciously honed while driving your Honda civic from stoplight to stoplight. And in the off chance that Susie can actually sing, one has to be subjected to her fluttering her voice like some first rate, teenage performing arts center opera act. Don't sing along to my fucking songs, Susie!

Second: So today I go into a restaurant and behind the counter the employees are speaking another language - no problem - until one of my "going to lunch buddies" decides she could converse just perfectly with them too. So she just jumps into their conversation HOLA!? COMO ESTAS PORQUE PERO Y TU? BIEN!!!!?!
See the problem I have with this is it is implicitly impossible to simply converse at random with someone in another language from a girl-to-guy (or vice versa) stand point. It's just idiotic public flirting that I can't understand and I don't like this. So this display of flirting devolves into choppy sentences and eye winking. If you're going to fucking flirt don't do it over my sandwich that you're creating. So everyone leaves, the guys staring, and girls a twitter about their interethnic flirting. Fuck you all, make my sandwich.

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